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Succession Planning

The Succession Planning and Acquisitions team assists every Raymond James business owner by developing the best possible business succession strategy. Succession planning is not done this way at most other firms. At Raymond James, you can expect dedicated resources and proven expertise. Succession Planning and Acquisitions provides you with individual attention and professional consulting to help you create a personalized written plan for success.

This kind of planning is vital, and not just for advisors who are considering retirement. Every financial professional must plan – and plan well – because in the event of your incapacitating illness or death, your family, employees and clients will be the ones who feel the impact most.

To help you determine whether to sell internally or to an outside party, or whether to merge with another organization, Succession Planning and Acquisitions stands ready to assist. We’ll help you look for buyers. We’ll help you determine your options when you structure the terms of the agreement. These are critical issues in estate planning – and we stand beside you every step of the way, helping you define the steps toward implementation of a solid plan.

Succession planning can be a challenge for even the most experienced business owner. We know the responsibility is daunting. That’s why we’ve created a team that helps, a process that works, and the kind of professional succession planning that ultimately protects your employees, your clients and your heirs.

Professional assistance is here for you. Take advantage of our expertise. Don’t delay.

Practice Benchmarking Services 

At Succession Planning and Acquisitions, we understand your challenges. We understand the competitive environment in which you operate. That’s why we offer services to specifically assist any business owner who wants to learn how to maximize the future market value of his or her investment practice. We help you learn to run your practice more effectively and more efficiently.

Most advisors are already great salespeople. We help you become a great business manager. Our forte is providing Raymond James branch managers with the kind of tools that help you handle your practice like a business. Establish meaningful benchmarks. Define a solid strategy. Achieve measurable results.

Valuation Consulting 

Find out what your practice is worth. Take the guesswork out of business valuation by taking advantage of consultative services that are precisely targeted to your needs as a financial professional.

Value is a function of the future. Whether you are admitting a new partner, merging with another practitioner or transitioning your practice to a successor, you need real answers about the value of your business. Look to Succession Planning and Acquisitions to help you define, measure and determine the worth of your practice.

Merger and Acquisition Consulting 

Succession Planning and Acquisitions provides both professional guidance and financial assistance to qualified business owners who want to grow revenues and profitability by acquiring quality investment practices in their local market. Each acquisition is reviewed on an individual basis and we can offer qualified business managers financing for a portion of the acquisition price.

For many business managers, strategy development is the biggest challenge. There are a wide range of issues to be considered when determining if acquisition is right for you and your business. Our experienced team can help you to identify prospects, market to them, evaluate the candidates, determine a fair valuation of the practice under consideration and help negotiate a purchase price that’s fair to both parties.

We offer consulting on how to structure these deals, perform due diligence and create purchase agreements. Let us help you close the deal – and then make it work. This is solid strategy from experienced M&A consultants, all available from our Succession Planning and Acquisitions team.