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Raymond James Toolbox

Due to licensing restrictions the resources in the Tool Box are provided exclusively to Raymond James affiliated financial advisors.

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Raymond James commissioned Moss Adams LLP to write an M&A manual for advisors who are considering selling their practice or acquiring another practice. This 70+ page manual addresses such issues as developing a strategy, due diligence, valuation, negotiations, deal structures, agreements, etc. related to the M&A process.

Succession planning is one of the most important issues facing the independent advisor industry. To bring more clarity regarding this topic to our advisors, Raymond James has worked with David Goad, President of Succession Planning Consultants to develop a succession strategy manual. This manual covers three specific areas on how to build, protect, and extract business value from your lifetime of work. In addition, succession strategies such as internal succession, family succession, mergers, and selling to an outside firm will be covered in depth.

Analyzing your practice and determining a value can seem like an overwhelming process. In order to assist you in gathering the data necessary to complete the Raymond James Practice Benchmarking Tool, we have created a document outlining where to obtain the information and tips for completing the tool accurately. The Excel based tool provides you with an extensive look at your practice but is easy to complete when you use our helpful hints. Download this one page document when you are ready to begin work on the benchmarking tool.

Raymond James collaborated with Moss Adams LLP to create an interactive diagnostic tool to assist our advisors with evaluating the potential and valuation of their firm. This tool enables advisors to benchmark their practice’s financials, staff ratios, client demographics, and other firm characteristics versus similar practices within the industry. In addition, it provides qualitative feedback on your firm’s transferability, growth, and risk metrics. Lastly, the tool will provide advisors an accurate range of valuation for their practice and give them analysis on factors affecting their firm’s value.

Practice Intelligence is a unique proprietary Raymond James website that provides a community of tools and resources designed to provide more control, freedom, and profitability for practices at all stages of development. It includes a practice improvement system, a tool & resource center, a practice networking center, and links to other resource-rich practice improvement sites.