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Fueling Growth through Acquisition
Practice acquisitions can be a significant catalyst for growth for many advisors who have competencies in business management and client service. One advisor shares the lessons he learned in acquiring five practices over six years and growing his assets under management from $15 million to over $140 million.

The Opportunistic Buyer
Developing a defined acquisition strategy doesn’t come by chance. Within this case study one advisor shares the lessons he learned acquiring six practices over a 15 year period within his local market.

Simplifying through Raymond James
When implementing an acquisition strategy it is vital to have consulting resources and experienced support to help you navigate the complexities involved with the M&A environment. One advisor shares his experiences when working with Raymond James to facilitate his acquisition of other firms.

The Importance of a Buy/Sell Agreement
Sometimes the most important lessons on learned from the tragic events of another. In the case of one advisor who did not have a buy/sell in place the value of his practice after his passing declined by nearly 80% leaving his family with only a tiny fraction of what the business was worth at the time of death. In reading this case study, advisors should realize the importance of a buy/sell agreement and take the necessary steps to put their own in place.

There’s no time like now for a Buy/Sell
All too often advisors do not take the time necessary to appropriately plan for their own estate and business succession. Unfortunately this lack of planning can put significant pressures on families, clients, and staff members when a tragic event occurs. Within this case study one advisor shares his difficult experience when asked to be the unplanned successor of a friend stricken with an advanced stage of cancer.

Smooth Transition
Planning for your eventual succession can never be done too early. A well executed internal succession plan can take as long as 10 years but it also gives you the comfort in knowing that you can retire on your terms. In this case study one advisor shares his succession planning strategy and the steps he took to ensure the continuity of his business for years to come.