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Over the next several years the financial services industry will experience a significant transfer of wealth, not only from our clients but from their financial advisors as well. Whether you are a traditional employee or an independent financial advisor you have worked your entire career building a business centered on helping individuals achieve their financial goals and realizing the comforts of success.

If you are like most advisors you preach about the importance of retirement planning and estate planning to your clients yet very few of you have taken the appropriate steps to plan for the eventual succession of your business.

Some of you are probably struggling with the question of: How do I gracefully exit the business and realize the maximum value for my lifetime of hard work?

Other growth-oriented advisors are considering the possibility of merging with or acquiring another practice to help catapult them to next stage of practice maturity.

Still other advisors are petrified when confronted with the responsibility of business succession planning despite the realization that it will ultimately protect their employees, clients, and heirs.

Regardless of your situation, Raymond James knows how important these issues are to all financial advisors and ultimately the financial services industry. We hope that you find this comprehensive resource useful in guiding you through the challenges related to acquisition and succession planning.