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Hiring Guidelines

Raymond James Financial Services acknowledges that as independent business owners, you may decide in order to grow your practice or find a suitable successor you will need to hire additional experienced financial advisors and/or financial planners. In order to minimize your risks and maximize your rewards in your hiring efforts, Raymond James Practice Planning & Acquisitions encourages you to exercise due diligence during your candidate search.

Supervision and liability are important issues you as a manager face when considering the expansion of your branch. As branch manager, you are ultimately responsible and will be held accountable for all activity that takes place in your branch. For this reason, it is extremely important that you are knowledgeable about and comfortable with the type of people and the type of business you add to your branch.

When determining what type of financial advisor to hire, consider if you want someone who:

  • Does the same kind of business you do and can back you up, e.g. a financial planner, portfolio mangers, etc?
  • Does a different kind of business to supplement what you do, e.g. an insurance and annuities expert to complement your securities business?
  • Will play a junior role to support you, versus working independent of you?
  • Is experienced and competent enough to take over your business when you are ready to retire?
  • Has a certain education, experience and credentials?

Exploring what you do or do not want in an employee before you being the hiring process allows you to be better prepared once you begin the search.