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Salary Calculator and Structuring Incentives & Bonuses

The Salary Calculator provided by is an easy tool which allows users to search salaries for thousands of jobs. The customized salary report provides users with the average salary range for that specific job based on various factors such as geographical information and the job description that best suits your position. From there the Salary Calculator also provides users with information on structuring incentives and bonuses.

Advice: Top HR Articles

Need advice on interviewing techniques, hiring quality and efficiency, how to leverage strength and support weaknesses, etc.? Powered by CareerBuilder, the home for employers provides articles with information on questions that many business owners are faced with daily. Check out the advice and best practices for small and medium business owners.

The Hiring Site

The Hiring Site, hosted through CareerBuilder, is a community for hiring professionals and other curious-minded individuals to discuss the attraction, engagement and retention of their #1 asset – their people. Join in on discussions and articles on employee attraction, branding, employee engagement, interviewing, employee retention, and much more. Find out what other professionals are doing and what has worked.


Training and Development

Take your staff to the next level. Let us help you create the best solution to develop your employees and FA’s in an engaging and cost-effective approach. CareerBuilder is the largest provider of online training to corporate America. Click here to review CareerBuilder Institute and the training and development programs they have to offer. Contact for more details.


Additional Resources Provided by CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder also offers other solutions to enhance your job advertisement or to help you be more targeted in your approach. CareerBuilder offers Raymond James Financial Services locations preferred pricing for each of the services listed. Contact for more details.

  • Targeted Emails – the email can be refine to include one or more of the following areas industry, job title, geography, college, experience level or company name. The email is sent in html format starting with as little as 100 people.
  • Resume Data Base Access – we can create searches for you which will be delivered to your email address on daily basis, you can upload a resume you like and we can find up to 50 people a day that meet a similar criteria, and/or you can search the resume data base and look at up to 50 resumes a day.
  • Targeted Search – we can deliver up to 5 candidates that meet agreed upon qualifications for 1 position for a set fee. The price will depend on the position.
  • Resume Screening – we will evaluate the resumes that come in from the application process up to a set number per day or we can review a set number of resumes per day and conduct a phone screen on those candidates that meet agreed upon qualifications
  • Source & Screen Service – we can deliver a pipeline of candidates that meet agreed upon qualifications for your position for a set fee. The price will depend on the position and starts at $3,000 per search. This is a perfect resource if you do not have the time to do the recruiting yourself, or if you are looking for the next seasoned Financial Advisor or Junior Financial Advisor.
  • Talent Intelligence Portal – on demand access to current compensation findings, candidate experience insights, as well as labor and supply information so you can be better equipped to attract and retain top financial talent in your local marketplace.
  • Custom Design Services – have a need not listed here? CareerBuilder has an HR recruitment agency focused on bringing clients access to the latest and greatest creative ways to target, engage and attract top talent. Check out some of our creative work at